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At Don Barclay Consulting we offer a wide range of services.

General Services
  • Feasability and Needs Analysis
  • Data Centre Auditing
  • System and Network Planning
  • Computer Operations Management and Support
  • Computer Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Service
Network Services
  • LAN/WAN Design, Performance Tuning, and Maintenance
  • Design, Installation and Maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Firewall Design, Installation, Administration, and Maintenance
  • Performance Analysis and Capacity Planning
  • Security
  • Backup and Recovery Planning, Design and Maintenance
  • Client/Server application Installation, Configuration and Maintenance
  • Interfacing with Legacy Systems
System Services
  • On-site or Remote System Management
  • System Tuning and Performance Analysis
  • Software and Hardware Installation, Configuration, Upgrades, Support and Training
  • Server and Client Installation, Configuration and Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation
  • System Security
  • Data Backup Solutions
  • Data Warehousing Solutions
Internet/Intranet Services
  • Architecting, Implementing and Performance Tuning
  • Internet Security
  • Router Configuration
  • ISDN, DSL, and T1 line Installation Assistance
  • Network Security
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • WAN/LAN Internet Commerce
  • Web Site Design and Maintenance
  • Database driven websites
Database Services
  • Design and Development
  • Maintenance Documentation and Training




 For more information, contact us at info@dbc.net