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 L a n g u a g e s

AML, Assembler 6800 ,68000, x86, various flavours of BASIC, C, C++, Dylan, FORTH, FORTRAN, JAVA, Logo, Objective C, PASCAL, Postscript, Perl, Prolog, Python, Smalltalk, SQL, Visual BASIC, Visual C++, AppleScript, Hyperscript, JavaScript, Lingo, Prograph, yacc, VRML, HTML, XML, Bourne Shell, C Shell, Korn Shell, DCL, and TCL.
 Op e r a t i n g   S y s t e m s

AIX, CP/M, DOS, HP-UX, IBM 0S/2, Linux, Mach, Macintosh, Windows 95,98,2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Solaris, VMS, IRIX, 0S/400, other System V and 4.4BSD variants, ComOS, IOS, EFI Fiery OS, Novell NetWare, AppleShare IP.
 N e t w o r k   P r o t o c o l s

Appletalk (Mac, PC, UNIX), TCP/IP (Mac, PC, UNIX), IPX/SPX (Mac, PC), The X Windowing System- CDE, OpenWindows, MacX (Mac, PC, UNIX)
 S o f t w a r e

Backup and Recovery Software
Dantz Retrospect, Legato NetWorker, Veritas Backup Exec
Database Applications
4D Client/Server, Access, Act, Butler SQL, COGNOS, FileMaker Pro/SDK, Lotus Notes, MS FoxPro (DOS/WIN/Mac/UNIX/Visual), OMNIS 7, Oracle, TANGO
Development Tools
ADDMOTION, Apple Installer SDK, automake, autoconf, Borland PASCAL w/Objects/C/C++, Cafˇ, ClearDDTS, CodeGuard, CVS, FaceSpan, Frontier, gcc, gcl, gdb, gforth, Ghostscript, MacApp, MacForth, MASM, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, MPW, MrPlus, MS Visual C++, MS Visual J++, Perl, PowerMacDebugger, Roaster, Script Debugger, Smalltalk, Symantec PASCAL/C/C++, TeX/LaTeX, Visual SourceSafe
Electronic Documentation Delivery
PDF (Exchange + Catalog), Microsoft Help, RoboHelp, JavaHelp
Illustration Software
Corel Draw, Freehand, Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, RenderMan, Typestry
Page Layout Software
FrameMaker, MacWrite Pro, OmniPage Pro, PageMaker, Quark, Word, Wordperfect
Internet Applications
AIMS, Apache, Cyberdog, Eudora, HTML Workshop, Internet Explorer, NetObjects Fusion, XML, Netscape Navigator, OpenDoc, QuarkImmedia, Virtus WalkThrough Pro
Presentation Software
Claris Works, Debabalizer, Director, Extend.AMT/AMTPE, MS Project, Persuasion, PowerPoint, HyperCard, SuperCard, ToolBook
Text Editors
emacs, vi, pico, troff
Chemistry and Engineering Software
Chemintosh, Mathematica, Minitab, Millennium 2010 Chromatography Manager, PSPICE, DesignExpert, Matlab, Theorist, LabVIEW, Ball & Stick, ISIS/Base, ISIS/Draw, SPSS, StatView
 H a r d w a r e

RS/6000, AS/400, SGI, various Macintosh (68K and PPC), various Intel PC's, PDP-8, PDP-11s, MicroVAX II, MicroVAX 3100, Xerox DocServer, HP Pascal ChemStation.
 W A N / L A N  H a r d w a r e

Ascend Max 4000 series, 4048 series Hardware Livingston PM2 series, IRX-211 Cisco Catalyst 1900, 2503, 2514 HP Advanced Stack Paradyne RADSL 8000 series 3COM - Netserver various intelligent (SNMP) and non-intelligent HUBs/Switches/Bridges