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Design of a North-America wide WAN based extranet for the secure communication of educational information. The robust system is dedicated to enhance and facilitate communication and information exchange between students and teachers within the classroom, their school, city, province/state, country to other schools North America wide. The provision of a secure environment by the active identification and elimination of intruders within the system. An additional goal is the ability to reduce system maintenance to a minimum whereby the educators will not need to become IT professionals and system administrators.

Designed an internet based commerce/transaction system to implement an existing object model for the purpose of transaction billing and data warehousing. Key issues included client identification, data integrity/verification, secure data transactions, billing and reporting. Review and critique a process object model for use within a framework for large financial institutions. The purpose of the model is to demonstrate that object system methodology could be effectively used to replace the current multiple legacy systems. This object model was mapped to RDD-100.

Design of a real time control interface and human interface for high speed 12 colour web press system. The human interface was a cross platform (Mac, PC, Unix), event driven, object oriented GUI that could be implemented and potentially retrofitted on a variety of press systems installed world-wide with operator language localization.

Design and preliminary implementation of an expert system for the maintenance and troubleshooting of LC/GC equipment and detector systems. The purpose of the system was to reduce the need for retraining operators within a multi-user facility. Redesign of a data analysis and reduction software package for the Laser Excited Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy (LEAFS) system.

Determined the requirements for a micromachine/nanotechnology based chromatography system utilizing silicon wafer fabrication and manufacture techniques. Key goals included column design, pump design, sample introduction system, detector cells and systems, and command and control communications.

Analytical high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) method development and system automation. Designed and built micro LC with UV/VIS, electron capture, and electrochemical detector. Tested optimum operation using experimental design techniques and developed performance criteria for the above system using silica,

C-18, pyrene and carbon column separation media. Analyte classes investigated included PAHs, Nitro-PAHs, organochlorine compounds, PCBs, carbamates and triazines. Investigated the potential for use with capillary LC columns and began initial work on proprietary LC-MS and LC-MS-MS interface. Test applications included mono and dinitro PAH analysis of samples in areas identified by the IJC and to locate and identify other non-point sources. HPLC-MS and NICI-GC-MS was used for confirmation.

Design and assembly of an HPLC multi-detection system. Configuration included silica, C-18, pyrene and carbon column separation media with detection provided by UV/VIS PDA, Scanning Fluorescence detection, Differential Refractometry Detector, Chemiluminescence Detection, and electrochemical detection with performance verification on PAHs, nitro-PAHs, and carbamate compounds. Test applications included analysis of selected pesticides being applied in Orchards of Southwestern Ontario. HPLC-MS and NICI-GC-MS used for confirmation.

Design and assembly of multicolumn/multimedia/multidetector/multiphase analysis system for integrated on-line sample processing for chemical analysis and diagnostic ecotoxicology. Analytes targeted included complex extracts containing organochlorines and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons. Designed and implementation of power system, communication and control system, fluid handling system, data handling and processing system. Preliminary investigation into use with complex samples. Mixtures included PAHs, Nitro-PAHs, organochlorine compounds, PCBs, carbamates, triazines, dioxins and furans. Test application included the identification of toxic components in leachates from used tire reefs.